Beside the Blue by Joan Smithe

“..a romance must-read”  Soandso Press

“A modern romance with a satisfying, mysterious setting

filled with believable characters.

A delight for readers.” CVW Publishers

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Joan Smithe, Author

Joan Smithe, retired university professor, has taken her love of literature, understanding of the campus setting along with her unique view of the world and written an exceptional debut book.  She has created strong characters and detailed settings that makes her first book a joy to read and leaves her readers satisfied yet wanting her next book.

Ms. Smithe is a graduate of Simpson University and a member of the RWA.

A lively, well-characterized novel. James B. Browne

Reviewer, Soandso Press

A charming, well-written first novel. Samantha Jones

Reviewer, CVW Publishers

Beside the Blue

Mystery and romance blend seamlessly in this debut novel by Joan Smithe. Characters are believable without being stereotypes. Jason, a history professor and Alison, a delightful older student, join forces to unravel the mystery of a lost manuscript.  When another professor goes missing, a fire burns down the museum and the local historical society become suspicious the story goes into full swing. Quirky local characters, engaging dialogue and a surprise ending make this a must read for romance and cozy mystery fans.

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